Three times a year, we aim to gather 100+ women for one hour to contribute $100 each and raise $10,000 for one local organization. 


Please email us at to receive an electronic invitation to our next event.  Events are held approximately every four months (fall, winter and spring) and are open to everyone.  Doors will open at 7:00pm for check-in.  From 7:30-8:30, charities present, we vote, and we have raffles for sponsor donated prizes.  Before and after, you may stay to socialize, and to learn more about the charities and our sponsors.  Our events are intended to be B.Y.O.B. (napkins, cups and water will always be provided), but sometimes sponsors or members may provide other goodies.


Representatives of each of the three charities will make a five-minute presentation about their mission and how they would use our contribution to further that mission.


Each meeting attendee votes for the one charity they believe should receive the funds.  The charity with the most votes will take home everything raised that night.


Make out a check to the winning charity for $100, or more!  We will collect your check and give it directly to the chosen charity that night.


Once you have attended a meeting, you may nominate charities and vote for who will present at the next event.  Our co-founders will assess the applicants for 501c3 status and the impact our donation will have on them.